Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It's 4 below zero out right now, I'm not sure how that comes up in celcius, but it means it's cold!
The upside to this cold weather means I can defrost my freezers, put the stuff outside, in the frigid cold, in laundry baskets and not have to worry about it thawing. And I have freezers that need to be thawed.

I decided to splurg I turned the heat up in the house to about 65 ! Normally I don't like it so warm in here but when that mercury dipped below -6F last night I decided it was too cold, John was happy with the decision. I tend to be a lot warmer than he is.

I really need to get caught up on laundry, our winter clothes, which I still haven't drug out of storage, needs to be washed, and the summer/fall clothes put back away. I need to thin out our clothing selections as well, we both have a lot of stuff we are not wearing anymore. I will do that right after I get my orders filled and out the door.

If your cold and are looking for a really warm shirt I suggest the Alaska Shirt by Woolrich. It's a thick heavy dense wool shirt worthy of crawling up into and just melting away. Since we went to the local outdoor supply store and they supply warm clothing for the skinny aneorexic types I'm suggesting the Alaska shirt for those who are more svelt in stature. I don't need to look cute or sexy, just like I'm planning on keeping all of my appendages!