Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall Etc.

Well I believe I may have mowed the lawn for the final time this year. The oak tree has completely lost it's leaves, which is really odd for our red oak as it's habit has been to lose it's leaves in the spring. The weather has been strange this year so I'm chocking it up to that.
The Jerusalem Artichokes are cut down, need to pull some so there will be room for them to produce large tubers next year.

I still need to deal with the blackberries, they have invaded everything! I'm thinking of digging in the ground and pulling the roots for a natural dye bath. I have about six fleeces left to cold soak and then put through a final wash in the washer, and a couple of alpaca and llama fleeces to skirt and I'm done with that for the season as well.

The house needs a final cleaning and the windows need to be dealt with otherwise I think I'm excited that winter will be here and really soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tooth ache and the Simpsons

I'm slowly recovering from having poison ivy in my lungs, makes for a cheerful countenace to say the least. Now I have a tooth ache, which is why my left ear has been bothering me non-stop for the past month or so. And knowing that you'd think I'd remember to make a dental appointment, right.

Movies: I can't wait to see the Simpson movie, looks pretty good and I'm not even a Simpson's fan, wonder with the King of the Hill movie will come out.

Monday, May 21, 2007


The studio is open and going full tilt, more with photos later. Maybe I can figure out how to get this particular blog to archive itself.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


If you are a Packwood or have Packwood family information feel free to leave a comment with a email addy or link here and I'll get back to you. Some time back someone from Texas left a comment wanting more infomation on Packwoods but left no email addy so I can't get in touch with them.


My cousin Brian Kerfont, he lives in Newfoundland, emailed me with a quite a bit of family information and confirmed what I have always suspected, mom is native american! Mi 'kmaq to be exact. Mom had always told us we were, well she used a not so politcally correct term. But with all moms sometimes it's hard to know what's fact and simple entertainment for small children, after all my husband's mother told him he was a little eskimo and as far as we know he's scottish and swedish. So anyway... the "how much part" would appear to be quite large more than half, maybe whole??? There seems to be a dead end on researching the family name.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Salvation Army

I spent about twenty minutes tops at the local Sal Army, and a total of fourteen dollars, this one has some incredible finds, silver platters, crystal vases, you name it, and all for really good prices. So if your redecorating you might want to check out your local Sal Army ;-)

More Bling

this was 99 cents, and is only four inches across I scored four of these.

Avon Dish?

New Sign for the Door

The letters are much darker now I went over them and made them black.


It's amazing what you find at the Salvation Army for only two dollars! It's about 24 inches wide, that's both of them btw.John spent some time polishing them for me, I had to ride him to keep him from removing all of the lovely dark patina in the crevices, he doesn't get it!!!

Little Bits

Candy Dish

Salvation Army Finds