Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Salvation Army

I spent about twenty minutes tops at the local Sal Army, and a total of fourteen dollars, this one has some incredible finds, silver platters, crystal vases, you name it, and all for really good prices. So if your redecorating you might want to check out your local Sal Army ;-)

More Bling

this was 99 cents, and is only four inches across I scored four of these.

Avon Dish?

New Sign for the Door

The letters are much darker now I went over them and made them black.


It's amazing what you find at the Salvation Army for only two dollars! It's about 24 inches wide, that's both of them btw.John spent some time polishing them for me, I had to ride him to keep him from removing all of the lovely dark patina in the crevices, he doesn't get it!!!

Little Bits

Candy Dish

Salvation Army Finds