Saturday, January 07, 2006

Birds & Gardens

Well I got the new bird feeder up, it holds a 2 pound suet block that has all sorts of seeds in it. I went ahead and bought the starling baffler so that the block hangs upside down. I'm doing this as I want to encourage woodpeckers and the like, not starlings. I filled the thistle feeder back up, spilling about a cups worth on the ground, I should have thistles like mad there this spring.

I spent the better part of today cleaning the garden on the eas side of the house. I cut back the grapevines until the trunks were about 2 foot tall with only a few braches on them. I cut all of the large brush down and will rake it really well tomorrow. I had about half of it raked when John and I decided we still had enough light to trim out our trees. I did both of the cherry trees, and the neighbors crab apple, and John did the Red Oak in the front yard, we both worked on the Amber Maple which looks ridiculous right now but will look great in a year or two.

I still ahve the front gardens to do, and the garden - especially my poor herb garden - on the west side of the house. The north side of the house is hopeless at this point, but I hope to remedy that and soon.

I'll take pictures tomorrow, I had hoped to trim out my clematis vines as well but that grape vine thing, WOW was that a lot of work. And we still have the blackberry bushes to cut back hard, they are taking over everything!


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