Sunday, April 23, 2006


Mine quit, she said that I was talking down to her. Yep I'm guilty! 100% pure de guilty. I guess she never quite got the message that I wasn't paying her $15.00 an hour to stand around and gab all of the time. And one would think that after a year she would know to come in clean the bathrooms, the floor, vacuum and dust and not have to ask every single time.

I thought the rules were simple enough but apparently not. Wash the kitchen and bathroom floors every week, and the wood floors throughout the house every two weeks. the week you don't wash the wood floors you dust everything!

Too hard??? Apparently.

So now I'm looking for a new housekeeper, preferably a crew that can come in and get it done in two hours, instead of four like the last gal. Hubby told me to start interviewing businesses that advertise cleaning services.

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Jane Steinberg said...

Kimberly-My partner in clothCandy has 2 guys who swoop in 2x/week (ususally to an empty house, by preference of all parties) and do it all, then fly out. I don't know what they both used to do, but the one who does most of the wet work was the shoe buyer for Lord and Taylor. He says he never imagined...I don'tknow what they charge, but if you could find a duo like these, you'd be golden. Do you have a local gay paper or center? Look there for great people who also happen to understand indoors