Friday, September 08, 2006

The Move

I moved all of the family information over here, and here you can keep up with my brisk house remodel! I'm hoping to have the kitchen floor ordered and soon, I've chosen a black and white Armstrong commercial lineoulem tile (the color goes all the way through making it a dog friendly tile). John and I will install it ourselves, after we gut the kitchen out!

Today I cleaned out the north bedroom, I can sit in there again, John is right it's a really peaceful room. Plus Brenda now has a place to stay while we are out of town. The downside is I put everything in my studio, which is an incentive to go through it and give away the stuff I don't need, or failed to pitch earlier.

I'm almost done painting the bathroom - ok this is a once a year occurance which seems to coincide with a really deep cleaning of said bath. I painted it a pale apple green color, John needs to finish cutting in the area above the bath tub for me.

I'll be sure to take pictures.

This weekend I'm working on our bedroom - starting with vacuuming everything and then getting the stuff that goes on the walls hung up again. I have one and a half walls that need painting yet.

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