Friday, May 30, 2008

More Flood Pictures

There have been a lot of on lookers, shocked most probably, it's amazing how fast the water came up.

Target and Walmart under water. We were promised by our city officials that this wouldn't happen if Target and Walmart were allowed to build in the flood plain - the theory was they dug a hole somewhere to offset the water issues. I argued the whole way that this was a load of horse apples it would flood again and would be worse, and I was right we have water in our basement which we DIDN"T have in 1993!!! That's how much the flood plain is now screwed up.

This is our local Target, and what used to be the parking lot.
Well it's amost 6 pm here and the water is still rising! Yesterday this was a corn field. To the left where the tree line is is the river, about 500 yards away.

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