Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trouble in a Tree

Trouble, our attic squirrel - well it is her fifth year or so of living in our attic not our choice mind you - eating crabapples competing with the robins and cedar waxwings.

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Unknown said...

I used to think squirrels were so cute, and fed them almost daily. They used to come up to me to remind me to feed them. Then I moved.

This house didn't have good enough netting I guess, because I'd hear those rascals in the attic, which scared me the first few times I heard them, until I figured out what it was.

Then my ceiling fell on me while I was napping on the couch! Stupid critters chewed through the AC drain tube thingee, which softened the ceiling.

My legs were bruised, but I felt very lucky that I'd fallen asleep upside down from my normal position. Otherwise the majority of the ceiling would have fallen on my head and face.

Hubby was able to get me to eat squirrel later than summer. I didn't care much for it, but maybe it's because I didn't know how to cook gamey meat very well. I probably would have never let him talk me into trying it had they not caused the ceiling to fall on me.