Friday, October 13, 2006

Three Month Pantry

Now this doesn't have to break the bank. Unless of course you are the proud parents of 4 or more boys that eat like horses. I'm going to go with what I know best, a two member family, as it's just me and my hubby - who eats like a growing horse, and our four pets. I'm also basing my pantry on where I live - middle Iowa - so I don't have hurricanes to worry about. But we do have F5 tornadoes, massive floods, and some kick butt earth quakes from time to time.

When I got married my best friend, who is Mormon btw and whom any offspring we have will be left to, told me how to stock a pantry. It's very simple. Everytime you go to the store to get a can of corn, buy two. If the corn is on sale 4 for a dollar then buy four cans.

Something is wrong with the dsl so I'll will have to come back to this later.

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