Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Winter is Coming!!!

Count me as odd but I love this time of year, it'll be warm again this weekend, but it's COLD outside!!! The only thing that would make this weather perfect is snow!

I brought in the last of the chili peppers, tomatoes, and the basil. My hands smell wonderful now. We didn't have much in the way of ripe tomatoes this year so what I have is green and I have plans to fry them up - yummy. For dinner tonight I am making chicken vegetable soup.

Here's a pic of the boys, they think it's really cold out but what do they know??? Pepper has taken to sleeping in this basket, and Barley aka old man of the woods has found himself a pile of wool blankies to sleep on. He is old and cranky and about a month ago has taken to sleeping under the blankets with me, I'm assuming it's to keep his boney old hide warm.

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