Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Activities

My poor poor stove! God bless the person who invented oven cleaner because that's what it'll take to get the pans clean on my stove top!!!

As you can see I have a rather vintage kitchen, ala 1950's remodel style kitchen. John at the rather vintage sink cleaning the stove grates. Tomorrow's lunch is cooking away in my vintage crock pot, they just don't make green appliances like that anymore ;-) I've been color testing in the kitchen, the cabinets will be ladybug red, a good choice if I don't mind saying so myself.
14 quarts on the counter and 7 quarts on the table, with another 7 quarts to join those and right quickly.

John did the canning today, he made 28 quarts of applesauce using the last of our Lodi apples. I sorted the apples and helped with dishes and did laundry but my main task today was to keep the cat from dying, no kidding. I'm hoping my vet will be available tomorrow, seems the little bugger is severely impacted, did you know you need a vet to get laxatives for a cat??? I didn't, anyway... Here are a few pics of Johns hard work, and one very sick kitty.


Heather Pregger said...

I have the same crockpot! Don't you love the green color -- so retro 70s.

Hope Pepper gets better soon. Poor kitty!

Matriarchy said...

Wow. That's a lot of applesauce. Apple season is just starting here. Care to share John's applesauce recipe and method? I am new to canning, with only some preserves and pickles under my belt.

k baxter packwood said...

we used the recipe in the Ball Blue Book, a canning book. There are a couple of good recipes in this book, Lodi apples are tart and very sweet they need little to no sugar to sweeten them.

k baxter packwood said...

I have a vintage orange crockpot of the same era, who knew they'd every be in vogue again!!!