Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oven Fried Chicken

Here they are after backing, ignore the white part on the one chicken thigh John said he ran out of flour and I'm STILL NOT CERTAIN what happened!

Coated with corn flakes, flour and spices and ready to be baked in a 375F oven. Below chicken parts awaiting a coating of goodies.

Well it all started on Thursday night, after a very harried day of bookwork etc., and dh's coming home late I decided at the last minute to go to HyVee and buy some chicken already fried up from the deli. And it was really good and we got to talking about it during dinner and the point that it was a dollar per piece of chicken did not go unnoticed!

Soooo John and I decided that it would benefit us more if we made up some chicken this weekend and froze it for those evenings when I"m really tired and REALLY don't feel like cooking but still want something super tasty to eat. We picked up 10 pounds of chicken hind quarters and John made oven fried chicken for us! It's all cooked, they are out in the garage freezing as I write and tomorrow they will go into the freezer. There's several meals worth here!

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