Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Dog Gates


Keeps this...

Confined to the front porch!  She weighs 12 pounds and unlike most dogs she hasn't figured out that she can actually move the gate out of the way.  Tis ok we like her dumb that way, likewise she hasn't figured out that she can actually get onto one of the kitchen chairs and then onto the kitchen table.  Yes there IS a place in this world for clueless dogs!

The neighbors keep commenting on my gate, they like it which is good because Angel sure doesn't like it!  Actually it's NOT really a gate it's my fleece skirting table, that I built back in 1996 for sorting and skirting fleeces on, but I needed a gate for the front porch, so that Angel could go leashless but not have access to pedestrians, etc.

Make sure you put the zip ties every six inches or so so that  your pet doesn't get caught up and strangled in the netting, and make sure those zip ties are on there and really tight!  Also I used regular mesh netting NOT the wildlife netting which is much thinner and easier for a small dog to break through.  Finally I don't recommend this type of gate for agressive dogs or for large dogs.   This type of gate really works only for dogs that are totally clueless, like mine!!! VBG

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Unknown said...

It’s been months. Is she still clueless about the gate, or has she learned how to break out? It’s really advisable to put a dog gate in one’s home, especially if you live near the road. This will prevent the dogs from getting hit by any kind of vehicle, as well as keep the kids from getting bitten.

Ellan Lima