Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gamma Seals

What is a Gamma Seal? It is a screw on lid that one puts onto a plastic food grade bucket for long term food storage. NOTE: Make sure you really want the lid on your bucket because once you hammer the ring onto the bucket, use a rubber mallet, it's there for good! You'll have to destroy the bucket to get the ring off.
WalMart has these in stock in various stores around the US for $4.38 each. If your WalMart isn't carrying them tell them you want them and here is the sku #076939714027

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Linda said...

Kimberly thankyou for showing us the gamma lid and explaining it SO WELL! I really hope someday to have some. I am for bread flour, one for wheat, oats, rice, and various bags of beans...oh and pasta!
at LEAST 6! I am so tired of fighting those lids...I just can't get them off...and really, I HATE being a wimp and having to wait for DH to do it for me! I can't wait for a gamma lid! although i will have to.