Monday, June 16, 2008

Hard White Spring Wheat Berries

White wheat berries make better cakes and breads, if you like the really soft stuff. It has more gluten than the Red wheat berries therefore allowing your dough to rise more.

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Michele said...

I was just wasting time reading some of your past logs, when I came across these photos of Wheat Montana products. WOW! All the way in Iowa! Neat! I remember when the company started up, and the farms are only about an hours drive from my house. Wheat Montana is a major bread maker here, too. The logo is "We Grow it, We sow it, We bake it." Much better than anything from the big bakeries (and all the local supermarkets carry their breads). I've purchased their flours, but never the wheat berries. Hmmm, something to concider.... :-)