Monday, June 16, 2008

Wheat Grinding Attachement

Champion Juicer with Grain Mill attachment, side view, it comes with a bag that snaps onto the grinding attachment but we quickly found it annoying and place a low flat bowl beneath the grain mill.

The juiciing attachement for my Champion Juicer, ours has the commercial grade motor so should be able to grind a lot of wheat for us if need be.

I have a Champion Juicer there are the two attachments that came with my machine, I have a juicing attachement and a grain grinding attachment. I have heard that if you have a Kitchen-Aid mixer of 500 watts or more you can use their grain mill attachment but not to try it on the smaller mixer, which is what I have!

You could probably use a regular coffee grinder to grind wheat berries I'm just not sure how long it'll last. I have an antique coffee hand grinder and it grinds wheat quite nicely.

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