Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Heaven in a Bucket!

John took me on the best date ever tonight we went berry picking! The black raspberries and gooseberries are ripe and ready to eat! I've plans for gooseberry jam and black raspberry jam tomorrow, then tomorrow night we've plans to pick two cherry trees north of town.


naughty pony said...

You post your recipe for the gooseberry jam? I have a bucket of picked green gooseberries, just like those!

I also have a bunch of mulberries. I thought that the mulberries and the gooseberries would be a nice tart/sweet combo for jam.

k baxter packwood said...

The recipe is in the Ball Blue Book (it's a canning book you can pick up for around $7 at any WalMart) I used the Berry recipe to make the jam.