Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bean Soup and Hot Corn Bread

Well I misread the directions and used only 1/3rd cup beans when in fact I was supposed to fill the jars 1/3rd full with beans.

So today we had bean soup and it was very juicey. To counter act the juiceyness John made corn bread with fresh ground wheat and fresh ground cornmeal - see Fannie Farmer cookbook for recipe. A canning buddy told me to add veggies to the bean soup and to use it as a soup base in the future - which is a totally brilliant idea - Thank you David!!!


Unknown said...

The cornbread erases all mistakes 8^)

k baxter packwood said...

Shreela I'll be sure to tell my husband that! The cornbread was delcious and had a very strong corn smell from the fresh ground cornmeal!!!