Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Tree

View from a different angle, the tree is a little pathetic looking at the moment ;-)

It's halfway decorated, I need to go to the attic and get more ornamets etc., this will have to wait until John gets home from work as there's a squirrel that lives up there and she thinks it's her territory! We name the squirrel trouble and NO she's not a pet!!!

Somewhere in this house is a large damask table cloth when I find it I'll put it under the quilt - Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern, it's probably 50 years or more old, all hand stitched and hand quilted. As you can see we did get my mother's china cabinet in the house, yeah, now John needs to fix the shelves so I can put my mother's china into the cabinet.


Unknown said...

Oh, those blasted squirrels when they get in the house!

Hubby was sick, and sleeping in recliner, and I was surfing in middle room when I heard a ruckus, and dashed in to investigate.

Cats on counter with wide eyes and hair on end, so I looked in the direction they were looking in, but saw nothing because the rolling laundry thingee was in the way. I rolled the laundry thingee back so I could see, and saw the dog running circles around the dining table, chasing after a squirrel that launched to climb my leg as soon as I had moved the laundry thingee.

I lifted the leg he was aiming at, and let out the loudest scream I've ever screamed. Both squirrel and dog ran under my lifted leg into the living room where hubby was sleeping.

I had to warn him, so I took another breath, and screamed again (it was supposed to come out as words, but it didn't work out that way).

I took a few steps after the dog, and saw hubby in recliner -- as far back as it could go. His arms and legs were flailing like an upside down turtle as he tried to get up to find out why his wife was screaming like crazy.

He finally managed to get the chair lever down, stood up, looking wretched from being sick, and just stared at me. I was finally able to say something other than a scream: "Squirrel, squirrel", while pointing towards the entertainment center that the dog was then running around sniffing and barking.

He had me hand him the broom, and banished me from the living room while he used to dog to flush out the squirrel.

I don't think I would have screamed if that blasted squirrel hadn't been flying right at my leg. Past stories of hubby putting up an antennae, and threw a rope with a rock attached that knocked out a squirrel, then he picked it up, and it climbed all over him, biting him; and the biker's squirrel story.

I hate squirrels!

k baxter packwood said...

thank you I needed a good laugh! We were working in the attic last winter putting the window back in when I heard a noise I looked up and saw a pair of eyes staring back at me - SQUIRREL!!! All I could scream was 'crap' as a jumped across the room, it missed me and flew right into the brand new window! Dh saw it hit the window. It was one of those National Lampoon Christmas Tree moments if you know what I mean.

And these little fur balls are mean now! I was outside with the dogs and watched said naughty squirrel scamper across the roof top via the gutters and when it came to the corner there stood a grackle mindlessly preening itself. The squirrel walked right up to the bird grabbed it twisted it's head and then threw it off of the house! And they say animals don't kill for the sake of killing - oh and the squirrel then rounded the corner and went into the attic via the window.

Yeah they are not my favorites either.