Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Big gap still the draft is now coming in under the new panel! I'm thinking a doubled over bit of fabric to make the panel hang properly.

I have a Maine Coon that is going to be VERY upset when he realizes I blocked his window off, every morning I'd come into my studio and find the curtians opened from said kitty. Reality bites!

Well it's REALLY cold here so to combat cranking the heat, which I currently have sitting at 67F (yeah I know very odd for me does that tell you just how cold it is here???) Sooooo I made another panel for my studio window, it needs some fabric on the bottom to make it longer. I might add I have a Maine Coon kitty cat that's going to be VERY upset as he figured out he could part the curtains and look outside - all the while letting my precious studio heat out through the window - well not anymore ;-)

I'm already noticing a huge difference the draft isn't there anymore and this window is caulked, mortited, etc... I can still feel a draft coming in under where the panel doesn't overlap the window sill, gotta fix that today! The fabric panel is some heavy Kona Cotton fabric that I painted with fabric paints and shiva paintstiks. This piece of art cloth is actually unfinished and quite frankly it won't be finished until next summer, it's too cold to care about what it looks like right now.


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Kimberly, what a great idea to use your art cloth as an extra curtain panel on your window! Nobody said that utility has to be ugly, and this would cheer me up to see it every day.

k baxter packwood said...

Thank you Linda, I've been looking through my stash of fabrics etc. to add another panel to the bottom and decided that that panel really needed to look nice!

So I guess I'll be making some cloth tonight ;-)to go with the top panel.