Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day Four - Evening Four of Oliver's Adventure!

The difference between tonights dinner, for us, and four days ago is 180 degrees!  Four nights ago we had to crate him because of his surfing, tonight he laid on the floor in the kitchen next to us, and Angel, while we ate.  He got up once to give me that look like I'm really cute and you want to feed me right?  Well actually NO! 

He has spent most of today out of his crate and this I definately call success.  He likes his crate enough that he goes in there when he wants to rest, also a success!

We're still having issues with chasing the cats.  I hope that this will work itself out and soon too.  I had a confab with Pepper, our oldest orange tabby, telling him that if he quits running from the grey ghost then it's no longer fun and the ghost will stop chasing him!  Thomas is holding his own and Oliver remembers those claws!

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