Monday, August 19, 2013

Oliver's Run Part Three

No photo's tonight but the run is up and totally usable. It has two doors one of which John will repair this weekend, this door came from the gifted run and looks as if a large tree branch fell upon it at one time.  Total space is 10x30x6 feet all of which he approved of for the 20-30 minutes he spent playing in it with John.

For those that keep emailing me freaking out that I plan to keep Oliver in there full time... what the hell do you really think of me?  I mean seriously??? I'd no sooner leave him in the run unattended than I would a small child! 

Dogs disappear in this community and a fairly regular basis, I could never live with myself if Oliver OR Angel disappeared.  Hell four weeks ago the neighbors little white wonder that was left unattended in their back yard was taken by a red tailed hawk, you should have heard  her scream for someone to call the police because a hawk had her dog.  The only reason I knew about it was because Angel and I were sitting on the porch and watched the whole thing unfold, from four houses away.

This run is soley for the purpose for us, that's me and Oliver, to play in!  John is setting up the pavers tomorrow so I can have a place to put my chair, this area was once a vegetable garden as recently as last weekend, and is quite soft.  Plans are using the Nothing in Life is Free Training with ball fetching, which he adores, as a means to train him for other things.  He rolls over on comand, but won't lay down on command go figure. He's sitting 90% of the time on command, and sorta knows heel. 

More later.

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