Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oliver in My Office Chair

Oliver sitting in my office chair, am wondering if Pepper will actually defend his spot from the dog?


Linnea said...

Just noticed this today. Good luck with your new puppy. We got a shelter dog a few months ago and we lucked out because he was good as gold from the start. We have had problems with larger breeds from the shelter though and my past experience tells me that anchoring the guy might make him worse. We tried that and the Husky/Shepherd cross we had pulled a wall anchor out of the outside wall of the house he got so anxious. Hope yours does better.

k baxter packwood said...

He goes to sleep when he's tethered. I think it's a matter of knowing that we know he's there and we care otherwise he gets into a heap of trouble... just ask him about that brand new box of POM toilet paper he decided needed shredding!