Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day Three Morning Three - Don't Eat the Cat!

Thomas just got Oliver on the nose and real good!  Ollie yelped and backed off.  Round one of don't eat the cat is over.

Oliver - Yesterday morning in his crate. 

This morning he didn't want to go back into his crate, can't say that I blame him, and he refused to eat his food in his crate, again can't say that I blame him.  So we brought his food bowl into the kitchen and John gave him a handful of food to show Ollie what it was, ok lets stop here.  I've NEVER had a dog before that didn't care if it ate it's food or not.  Most of our dogs have been of the variety, weimeraner, that inhaled their food and so fast it was blinding!  

The good news is Morning Three his obnoxiousness is down a whole fifty percent, he's jumped on me only once this morning.  We are still working on coordinating potty breaks, and his need to push Angel (fifteen year old twelve pound sheltie) down onto the floor, I'm so afraid he's going to break her back.

I'm sore all over from his sheer strenght and size, and from walking him.  So overall this was a good decision.  Hubs and I are taking turns walking him and are building up for one long walk a day, in addition to his three to five short walks.


Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Bue an "easy walk" harness for him, and your walks will be much more pleasurable. The leash attaches to the front, between his chin and chest, instead of on his back. That way, if he tries to pull, it turns him towards you. He will learn not to pull very quickly!

Quills said...

I hate those metal wire crates .Do not ....put him in there with a collar of any kind on.....ask me why some time...but I will not post why here .Just don't do it ..especailly with a young energetic dog... Please. Quills

k baxter packwood said...

Quills, he doesn't wear a collar in his crate. He basically doesn't wear one in the house either.

k baxter packwood said...

I realize he's wearing his prong collar in this photo shoot, I'm working on training right now.

k baxter packwood said...
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